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    Soundbar Wall Mounting &

    Soundbar wall mounting & installation

    Just acquired a new soundbar and wondering how you will have it mounted on the wall? Well, TVPRO is the expert company you need for the task. It does not matter the kind of soundbar installation you are thinking of, TVPRO specialist has you covered.
    There is absolutely no reason for you to gamble with your sound-bar and risk breakage, or install it incorrectly. Leave that work to a pro, someone who specializes in these tasks. I assure you that once the installation work is complete, you will have your soundbar perfectly leveled, centered on your TV, and all the wires hidden behind your wall in a neat manner.

    Why choose us?

    Well, there are many other TV installation service providers in Australia, but thousands have chosen to stick with us over the years, and we keep getting more. Want to know why? Here are the reasons;

    Professional services

    TVPRO offers professional TV wall mounting services. The specialist installer at TVPRO is well trained, equipped and skilled. Whether you are talking of high-ending wall mounting,

    Affordable TV Mounting services

    We are one of the cheapest TV wall mounting professionals you can think of in Sydney. We offer high-quality services at very competitive prices, making us the most favoured among

    Quick response time

    QUICK RESPONSE TIME It is TVPRO’s policy to always give our customers a quick turnaround time as possible. This is because we know how essential it is to have your TV wall mounted,


    Have you been looking for a TV installation company that offers warranty with no success? Well, TVPRO is now here, to offer you professional services, done by a specialist and also gives you a lifetime warranty for parts and labour.

    We are well equipped for the work

    TV wall mounting requires special tools for it to be successful. Without these tools, then it can never be guaranteed that your TV shall be mounted well, and that it won’t fall off after a few days.

    Free quotations

    To ensure that your search for a TV wall mounting specialist is as smooth as possible, we save you both on time and costs. After contacting us, we provide you with a free quotation either through a phone call,

    Proper soundbar wall mounting and installation

    For proper soundbar wall mounting and installation we need to use the original brackets. So you are advised to let me know of the brand of soundbar you have. This is because most of the soundbars come together with brackets, and there are some that don’t, so I can let you know in advance such information.

    What you get:

    How to reach us

    You can reach out for any inquiries, or to request for a quote via our Contact Us page.