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    Checklist To Be Considered Before Installing A Tv Unit Wall Mounting

    In the past, there was a traditional way of putting the television on a simple desk or elsewhere having a lot of threats. The advantages of TV unit wall mounting can’t be ignored in this modern era.

    It is associated with the attachment of the television to the wall and gives you a large number of benefits such as the least risk of falling, a high level of comfort, adjustability, and a judicious way of freeing-up space for other things.

    With the advent of modern tools and methods, its process has become very much accessible to everyone. But the process of mounting the television is not as simple as it looks. High-class expertise is required to obtain such a level of privilege.

    That’s the reason TVPRO is here to help you to ensure that the television is mounted correctly. So, it’s up to you to make a decision and the remaining will be our responsibility.

    As far as this article is concerned, we will be focusing on the checklist that will be really helpful for you if you intend to mount your television. You just need to keep track of the following points and you’ll be good to go.


    As the television room is situated in an area where the family members join together and entertain themselves. Therefore, the placement of furniture is a very important point of the checklist.

    The right placement of furniture will enable you to sit comfortably and have more fun. The furniture should be placed at the optimum distance from the TV-mounted location.

    Too far from the television will not be appealing to you. Samelike, being too close to the television will be bad for your neck and eyes. The best practice is to arrange the furniture around the television so that you can get the best visual experience.

    Style and functionality both are important at the same time for the placement of furniture. As the television is the focal point of the room, this is the main feature of this type of television placement. So, it creates an overall impact.

    There are also different types of layouts available. One of the layouts is a square layout which involves two armchairs, a sofa, and a coffee table. You can also check other layouts and can decide on any of them depending on your own preference.


    It is recommended that the height of the television should be at eye level. In other words, it should neither be too high nor too low.

    According to calculations by the experts, the height of the television ranges from 56 inches to 67 inches from the floor. However, some recommend that the standard height is 42 inches from the floor. But the height factor depends on the size of the TV as well.

    Simply, the bigger the size of the TV, the more the height of the TV is set. The height should be selected wisely so that there should not be any bug in your entertainment.


    As TV wall mounting is a one-time investment for the setting of the television, you should be very careful about this point of the checklist. To get an efficient experience of the television, it is very important to decide the best location for placing the television.

    Ideally, you should place the TV where it is comfortable to get the awesome experience of watching the movies and enjoying it with friends and family members.

    Direct sunlight might interfere with your TV-watching experience and could damage the screen as well. That’s the reason, you should manage the dark-shaded curtains and proper windows as well.

    So that the wind or the weather fluctuations might not damage or interfere. In addition, it saves you from the loss of a bulky investment on the television set-up by avoiding external threats such as the smashing of the ball.

    Last but not the least, you should account that the cables can easily reach the television. Otherwise, you will need to restructure the cable network even after the TV is fitted on the wall.


    In the checklist, it is also very crucial to understand that every part of the wall is not able to withhold the mass of the television.

    Sometimes, there might be some damage in the wall or have a weak area due to leakage. Mounting in that area will be equivalent to ruining the television and the whole other investment.

    To avoid any threats, it is highly recommended that you should double-check the load-bearing capacity or strength of the wall where the TV has to be placed.

    To properly check the drilling points, you must approach the specialist. He can efficiently manage to find the stud in your wall so that the TV can be managed to mount appropriately.


    Up till now, the location, the wall, and the TV height have been decided, it’s time to focus on the background. The experts recommend that the color of the surrounding area of the TV unit wall mounting should be neutral because it helps to concentrate more and gives a soothing effect.

    You can use decorative pieces around the television, but the background should not be exaggerated with so many decorations and huge paintings.

    In the end, we would recommend checking out all the mentioned points before installation. Each point is important and provides you with a lot of assistance in return.


    All of the points can’t be fully implemented without an expert. That’s the reason TVPRO provides high-quality TV wall mounting which ensures all of the parameters that have been briefly mentioned in this post.

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